Transform Your

Fishing Gear Experience

No More Rod Rage with RodKnee

Tangled Lines,
Lost Time

Your focus should be on the thrill of the catch, not rod rage. As you prepare for a day by the water, certain challenges can disrupt the anticipation and enjoyment of fishing.

You might find yourself facing:

  • MDetangling two piece fishing rods before casting.
  • MWasting time on sorting through cluttered rods.
  • MStruggling to keep fishing rods organized during storage and transportation.

The Solution:


Say goodbye to the common frustrations of fishing rod preparation, transportation and storage. With RodKnee, you’re not just buying a product; you’re unlocking a smoother, more enjoyable fishing adventure.

Product Highlights

Small and Compact Design

Designed for convenience, RodKnee is lightweight and compact enough to fit in your pocket or tackle box, ensuring your rods are always ready to go.

Adjustable for Various Rod Sizes

Whether you’re a casual or seasoned fishing enthusiast, RodKnee’s universal design makes it the perfect companion for most rod sizes and types.

Quick and Easy Assembly

The RodKnee allows for rapid assembly, disassembly and storage of your fishing rod, making setup and pack-down a breeze, ensuring more time spent fishing.

Prevents Tangles and Damage

With RodKnee, say goodbye to tangled lines and damaged rods. Its smart design keeps two piece rods in order, protecting your rods during transport and storage.

RodKnee Features at a Glance

UV and Impact Resistant

UV stabilized, impact resistant material, RodKnee withstands harsh weather conditions, from blistering summers to freezing winters, ensuring year-round reliability.


Crafted with eco-conscious materials, RodKnee is designed to be recyclable, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Made in America

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, ensuring quality and reliability.

About Us

Mike’s Bio

Mike South, co-founder of Rodknee Fishing, is a mechanical engineer with a passion for problem-solving. Born into a military family, Mike has lived all over the Western United States, honing his fishing skills in diverse environments from pond to shoreline. With 18 years of marriage and two kids who share his love for fishing, Mike brings a wealth of experience and dedication to the Rodknee team.

Rich’s Bio

Richard Batt, co-founder of Rodknee Fishing, discovered the idea for Rodknee while untangling a fishing rod. With a background as an auto mechanic and engine machinist, Rich brings hands-on experience and ingenuity to the design process. As an Iowa native and avid angler, Rich has spent a lifetime exploring the state’s rivers, lakes, and ponds, instilling in him a deep appreciation for the outdoors.

We’re Fishing Enthusiasts Too

Rich and Mike met in high school in 2000 and have been friends ever since. Despite their different career paths – one in white-collar engineering and the other in blue-collar engine mechanics – they share a common bond: a love for fishing and the outdoors. Spending countless hours fishing together in Southwest Iowa’s rivers and ponds, they bring a unique blend of skills and experiences to the Rodknee team.

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